How to wear a Claddagh ring

How To Wear a Claddagh Ring
• When you are already romantically involved with someone but not in a committed relationship or married you will wear the Claddagh ring on your right hand on your ring finger.
• If you are single and would like very much to be in a relationship you will wear the ring, still on your right hand, with the heart facing out pointing towards the end of your finger, and the crown on the ring pointing inward. This allows people to know that you are romantically available.
• To show that you are in a committed relationship with someone and that your heart is no longer available for the taking you will wear the ring on your right hand ring finger with the heart pointing towards the center.
• When you have decided to get engaged and that you would like to spend the rest of your life with a person, as with the tradition in most cultures you will change the ring over to your left hand ring finger.
• You also have the option of wearing the ring on your left hand ring finger with the heart facing out to show that you are in a committed relationship but not entirely engaged or married yet.
• When you have finally taken the step to get married, during the ceremony the heart on the ring will still face out but when you are married the heart will face in. many Irish Folk prefer to use the Claddagh ring as a wedding band.
• To show that you are of Irish heritage some people also wear the ring for that purpose.

Claddagh rings can be worn in many other ways such as a charm on a necklace, bracelet or just kept close to remind you of a loved one or a certain event.

What is a Claddagh Ring

The Claddagh-Ring is a traditional piece of Irish jewellery worn on the right hand of the wearer to usually convey a message of romantic availability or the lack thereof. The Claddagh-ring is also sometimes worn as awedding ring or just a conventional, decorative piece of traditional Irish jewellery.
The Claddagh-ring is composed of striking design features of two hand clasping heart and usually surmounted by a crown. The heart in the Claddagh ring symbolises love, the two hands symbolise friendship and the crown loyalty.
There are a range of legends about the heritages Claddagh ring one is of a Prince who fell in love with one of the kingdoms maids and he created the ring to represent friendship, Love and Loyalty to propose to her, after his father heard about the ring he gave his blessing to the couple. One legend that is a bit closer to historical truth is that of Richard Joyce native of Galway, he left to work in the west Indies to return to marry his love at home when he has made enough money, he was captured and became a Moorish goldsmith after a while he was released but his master had such respect for him that he offered him wealth and his daughter but Richard refused and went home to marry his love, he crafted the Claddagh ring during his days as a goldsmith to take to his love.